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Sharing information about fire safety

We believe we can never learn enough about fire safety and we will provide information about the causes of fires and other relevant information whenever we find it. If you come across fire safety information that you think others may be interested in, please contact us at:

Here are some links to other sites that provide important information about fire safety

Here, you’ll find a very interesting summary of international information about cladding:

Fire Risks From External Cladding Panels – A Perspective From The UK

On the London Fire Brigade website you’ll find a useful range of information for both landlords and Councillors, including list of things that must be covered during and after a major refurbishment:

This is the NFCC Guidance for Specialised Housing. If you have any responsibility for Sheltered or Supported Housing you need to have read this and implement its recommendations:

In 1999 there was a fire in a tower block in Scotland that spread up the outside of the block. The recommendations of the Select Committee that examined the issues are here:

The Lakanal House fire was in July 2009, and the Inquest began in January 2013, the transcript is here. You will also find the Rule 43 letters and the replies on the same page.

In December 2017 there was a fire on a tower block balcony in Manchester, the fire spread up the outside of the block.  The BRE had produced a report on balcony fires some years earlier: 

Inside Housing web site (free to CIH members, if you haven’t joined, WHY?!) has plenty of information about fire safety.

It would be rude to exclude this one!

Faulty white goods continue to cause fires, if you have landlord responsibilities you really need to be continually reminding your residents about the dangers and how they can check if their unit is subject to a safety recall, this government website has more information:

This Guardian story covers the issue of the alleged faulty fridege freezer at Grenfell:

This May 2018 article highlighted the issues that will need to be tackled by landlords and occupiers togther to implement the Hackitt recommendations.

The report on fire in the multistorey car park on 31 December 2017 contains information that many housing managers will find useful.

If you have information you would like to share, please contact us!

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